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ERROR! Please check your data. Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe.

In October 2017 Stripe made some changes to any new Stripe Account that is created.  This change affects many integrations using the Stripe API documentation.  The feature indicates that there may be an issue with the security of your data, unless you send it a specific way.  This isn’t completely true.  


When you go to process a charge using Stripe you will receive an error message.

ERROR! Please check your data.  Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe.  To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements.  For more information, see

Your data lives in Salesforce so PCI Compliance would be based on how Salesforce handles the security.  When credit card details are entered they are encrypted fields that do not expose the credit card information.  Chargent includes options for tokenization, in-memory tokenization with our Payment Console to reduce the scope of your PCI Compliance efforts by not saving any credit card data to Salesforce, as well as the ability to automatically clear the credit card data when a token is present.


Please see our PCI Compliance documentation for further details:


The current integration with Stripe sends the credit card data through an API call.  Being that the information is secure and coming from Salesforce all information is sent safely however this isn’t exactly how Stripe prefers it to be sent.  In order to allow processing of the transactions sent to Stripe you need to enable and agree to their terms.  


To Enable this:

  • Settings

  • Integrations

  • Show Advanced Options

  • Enable Card Information Directly

  • Acknowledge Stripes Terms

  • Select Someone else built my Stripe integration

  • Add additional information

  • Press Process payments unsafely

  • Verify your phone number


This will allow you to use Stripes integration with Chargent.


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