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Accept Card Payments Setup

Accept Card Payments by Chargent
Download the package from the AppExchange
Getting your Stripe API Secret Key
  1. Login to Stripe and Copy the API Secret Key
    1. ​Go under Developer > API keys > Reveal live/test Secret Key (for testing you should enable the View Test Data switch in Stripe.

  2. In Salesforce you want to configure the Visualforce Page
    1. Click the gear icon in the top right and choose Setup
    2. Navigate to Custom Code > Visualforce Pages
    3. Click the Preview in a New Window icon next to the StripeAPIConfig page.

  3. Copy your API Key and click Store Key (Note: If you’ve already stored an API key it will prompt you to Update API Key)
Create the Flow in Salesforce
Click the gear icon in the top right and choose Setup
Under Process Automation select Flows
Step 1 Create the First Screen
  1. Click New Flow
  2. From the Pallette drag Screen into the Flow

  3. Name your Screen (Ex: Take Card Payment)
  4. Under the Add a Field tab select Lightning Component

  5. From the Field Settings tab
    1. Add a Unique Name 
    2. Choose Lightning Component csca:FlowStripeCharger
    3. Input Status (the default text that you would like in your flow)
      1. Billing Name; (choose a default billing name for your form, ex: John Wayne or Mickey Mouse)
      2. Charge Amount: (choose the default amount for your form)
    4. Output
      1. Attribute = Response Status 
      2. Variable = {!ResponseStatus} 
Step 2 Create the Second Screen
  1. From the Pallette drag a new Screen into the Flow
  2. Name your Screen Response Details
  3. Under the Field tab select Display Text
  4. Under the Add a Field tab choose Display Text
  5. Under Field Settings Name the Field Response
  6. Select the Resource {!ResponseStatus}
Connecting your Screens
  1. Run your mouse over the first Screen and click the green arrow pointing down.  This indicates that this is the first Screen and the start of the flow.
  2. Click and drag the diamond at the bottom of your first Screen to the 2nd Screen.  This will create an arrow to connect the two.  It determines the path the flow will take.
Click Save and name the Flow
Testing your Flow
Click Run to test the flow. 
Use Credit Card Number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any other information to receive an approved status.

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