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What is the difference in the 2 batches that I see

When you look at the batches (Settings > Apex Jobs) you will see two Chargent batches that run.



sheduledBatchProcessing - This is the Salesforce batch name which allows you to schedule the Chargent batch either through the Salesforce UI or Apex code.  

TChargentBatchProcessing - This is the batch that controls all the recurring / scheduled billing actions.  This will process all transactions that are marked as Payment Status=Recurring, and that meet the criteria to be processed when the batch runs on that day

This batch can also be run independently through the developer console.  When running the batch through the developer console, always ensure the batch has completed running before running it again, otherwise you could have duplicate transactions that get processed.

If you abort the batch, make sure you wait until it finishes aborting. The Salesforce platform waits for the batch chunk to finish before aborting so records are not written until a batch chunk is done. To see if a batch has completed or has been completely aborted you can look at the Apex Jobs in Salesforce and refresh the page a few times and make sure the records processed is no longer increasing.


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